JUAN CARRILLO's Woeks appears among the most famous international collections, including those of :

circle03_orange_1.gif   KING OF SPAIN

circle03_orange_1.gif   JACQUES CHIRAC (President of French Republic)

circle03_orange_3.gif   DE VALERA (President of Irish Republic)

circle03_orange_2.gif   SONY (Japan)

circle03_orange_4.gif   G. MERCIER (France)

circle03_orange_5.gif   E. de ROTHSCHILD (U.S.A.)

circle03_orange_6.gif   HUTCHINSON (Australia)

circle03_orange_7.gif   FOUNDATION-INSTITUTE CALFAT SALEM  (SAO PAULO . Brasil)

circle03_orange_8.gif   Etc.  


                              HIS MAJESTY KING OF SPAIN AND JUAN CARRILLO  13 OF MARCH 1985  


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