UAN CARRILLO was in the  Saint Fernando Academy, but the academy's spirit wasn't in him. When he was young, he learnt craftsmanship and other techniques which restrict the inspiration and the freedom to paint in canvas. Nobody can show the colours of you personality, the chromatic emotion or the character. Nobody can show the obsession which the artist need"iends and he pursues the beauty opposite to mediocrity.



“ My art, he says, is a cry that I haven't learnt ”.From these limits between conscious and unconscious

 is the creative mist. “ My inspiration, he says, has got a pathological point of view. The colors have  saved me".

                                     autre embellie par les couleurs ses amies, il crée avec ellesbea



               circle03_orange.gif  Great Medal of the City of Paris (awarded by the President of the French Republic)

                circle03_orange_1.gif  Gold Medal of the International Academy of Social Sciences.

                    circle03_orange_4.gif  Senior Officer of the Hispano-Belgian Merit Order.

                circle03_orange_2.gif  Senior Officer of the Celtic Merit Order.

                    circle03_orange_2.gif  Commander of the International Order of arts and Letters.                                       

                                                           circle03_orange_4.gif  Officer Arts, Sciences, Letters of France.