UAN CARRILLO'S Work has been exhibited all around the world : Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Brussels, Madrid,Biarritz, Tokyo, Monte Carlo, Casablanca, Ibiza, Los Angeles, San Sebastian, Barcelona, etc. 


En 1979, he exhibited his paintings, being invited by the ministry for the Arts od the Federal German Republic in the Arts Centre of ULM                        bon the special occasion of Albert Einstein's centenary.           



                                           bbbbb circle03_orange_27.gif   Biennial festival in Alexandria, travelling throug the Middle Est, 1955.

                                            circle03_orange_28.gif   XXIXth Biennial festival in Venise, 1958.

                                            circle03_orange_29.gif   Vth Biennial festival in Sao Paulo, 1959.

                                            circle03_orange_30.gif   Exhibition on "Today's Spanish art", Mexico, 1963.

                                            circle03_orange_31.gif   International fair of New York: Exhibitions of contemporary Spanish painters.

                                            circle03_orange_32.gif   French artist's show.

                                            circle03_orange_33.gif   Biennial festival in Bologna, 1978.

                                            circle03_orange_34.gif   Salon des Artistes Franšais, Paris, (member).


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