UANCARRILLO is for us, who are his friends in the International Order of Arts the magician of painting. He switches with the same pictorial ease from the winter sad landscapes to the summer sunny days. When seeing his works, the true admirer sees his name appearing through the delicate touches of his magic paintbrush.

He knows how to choose the luminous tones full of poetry that eyes admire without tiring.

His art and his talent do not need to be proved. They catch the eye and paralyse us into an almost  mystical contemplation in front of the perfection of his figures and landscapes, which he knows to make alive and beautiful.

If Spain has given the world great masters in such a difficult art, Juan CARRILLO is a worthy contemporary successor.

Maybe it is too early to assert that in our time, when the mediocrity of some people intends to fight against true talents.

His sense of creativity and of colour harmony, with mellow and sometimes violent tones, are the hallmark of genius.

Juan CARRILLO knows how to evade from certain rules imposed by technique to assert through his works, his genuine personality, his talent and his acute vision in this perpetually changing world.

Juan CARRILLO is a creator. His perfection in choosing his themes and their realization is the lasting impression of a future great master. For future generations, he will have left his mark on his time. This is what I wish to see his name in the international firmament among the famous Spanish painters.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      MARCEL ROSSI,

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Great Master of the International Order of Arts.




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